1. PLAY MF

From the recording GODS IN THE WOMB

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One day my neighbour Marco Maccarini, a very talented singer, came to listen to an early version of Play MF. Basically he forced me to use my Wurlitzer piano, despite me not wanting to play traditional instruments. Luckily I listened to his advice and asked him to lend me his spoken voice for the introduction. Romantic innit?


Gimme just a song, so that I’ll go on
Will I be the same, without past around me
Am I made o’ wood, don’t I have a heart?
Will you be my hook, will you be my book
Will you be my hook, will you be my enemy
Will I be my magic day, you know,
Inner mountin’ flame
Will you will you will you be the hook
Will you be my enemy the energy you took
Be my book, generation dawn
Will I really be, my magic day